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Now THOSE are massage chairs!!! We love them.
K.D. — Leasing Rep


I wish all the companies we deal with were as responsive as you guys are, its been nothing but a pleasure from day one.
T.K. — Manager


Your chairs look GREAT! I just walked by them with the property manager and she said "these are the nicest chairs I have ever seen"
T.D. — Leasing


Our truckers drive long and tireless hours. They love this to rejuvenate themselves before heading out to drive again.
S.D. — Regional Manager


We love these chais in our soft seating areas. Never would I have thought we could rent space that we were giving for free. Its a NO BRAINER to have these in our mall. Thank you
T.B. — Leasing Rep


The chairs look great in the soft seating. Still working on getting them some plants over there or something but we're very happy.
C.M. — Leasing Rep

I use your chairs every day, they are much better then the ones that were here before.
Mall Walker


WOW, I can not believe you took care of the issue this fast. Normally I have to wait for weeks to get ahold of someone but you took care of it in 5 minutes. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
A.P. — Accounting


Your massage chairs are an excellent addition to our malls common areas. The customers love them and we are able to generate revenue in an otherwise unusable space.
A.R. — General Manager


We chose to use the proceeds for our local charity. This was a great idea to raise money and also give our employees a fun and different way to contribute.
T.D. — Human Resources Manager


I would like to thank Michael for doing a first class job!  He called to check our satisfaction first thing and rearranged his day to return to the center to correct the positioning of the chairs when he could have put it off.  This was amazing customer service and he did so with a smile.  He rocks and the chairs look great!.
C.E. — Common Area Coordinator